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You Won’t Believe What The Houston Rockets Have Added To Their Court

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and one photo of the Houston Rocket’s practice court may be worth a thousand points to the team in the coming years. That’s because the team has added something to their practice court that may become a staple across NBA arenas during the regular and postseason. Can you guess what the Houston Rockets have added to their court; and do you believe it is a sign of things to come for the NBA and the sport in general? 

The Houston Rockets have added a four-point line to their practice court, sparking rumors that the NBA will add a four-point shot to their game in the coming years. The line, which looking at the photo, appears to begin about 24 feet off the baseline when one starts on the sideline, arcs out beyond the 28-foot mark as it reached center court, probably making the shot 30-feet or more at its longest point, right in front of the basket. Because of its distance from the hoop and the width of a court, there is no way to add a four-point line in the corners if the shot is added to the NBA. 

Would adding a four-point shot be the NBA’s way of conceding defeat to the likes of Steph Curry, who routinely takes “Logo Threes,” or would the sport do away with the three-point shot altogether since it is clear too many people are taking the shot and the art of playing basketball has been lost? I also wonder if the NBA would have rules about when a four-point shot can and cannot be attempted; because if they don’t, the sport of basketball might as well make their courts smaller because it would be rare to see any player go into the paint again except to retrieve a missed shot.

Would it be so terrible to add an element of strategy to the four-point shot?

How about only allowing them in the fourth quarter or when a team is behind by more than 10 or 15 points; with all other times the shot being illegal for teams to attempt? Also, are they really going to allow a player to attempt four free throws if fouled on a four-point attempt, or shoot a free throw for a five-point play if they make the shot?

What has me worried about the four-point shot is that the NBA might be pandering to their new sponsors, the legalized sport betting apps, who are now adding millions to their pockets. Think about it, would it be crazy to see an over/under of 300 if two shooting teams are playing each other with a four-point shot available to them for 48 minutes? How long would it take for a sharp-shooter like Steph Curry to break the 100-point barrier in a game, a point total only achieved once in NBA history by Wilt Chamberlin, who went 28-32 from the foul line in the game in which he achieved it.

Does the NBA really want their game to become a pinball game, with scoreboards reading “Tilt” after three quarters? Is the game really going to become more about who’s hot that night rather than who is a better team of five players on the court? Because if you believe Hall of Famers like Charles Barkley dislike the Golden State Warriors and how games unfold now, you ain’t seen nothing yet if you add a four-point line.

Don’t do it Adam Silver … Don’t make a bad situation worse by adding a four-point line and making any player over 6’ 8’ a dinosaur in your sport. You have already titled the rules too far toward offense by taking away the ability to play hard defense, don’t make it even more easy to score points by not requiring players to run the full 94’feet to score points at will.  Your game is already difficult enough to watch during the regular season, don’t turn it into a carnival sport. 


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