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Would Tom Brady Allow Patrick Mahomes Presence In The AFC West Determine Where He Goes In Free Agency?

Would Tom Brady Allow Patrick Mahomes Presence In The AFC West Determine Where He Goes In Free Agency?

With the talk surrounding Tom Brady’s potential move out of Foxboro growing louder and louder, the talk of where he might actually end up has picked up as well. Kurt Warner made news this week when he suggested that Brady should look at teams like the Titans who appeared to be a quarterback away from contention but weren’t in the AFC West, contending that Brady would not want to have to beat Patrick Mahomes twice just to win his division. The First Take crew had strong reactions to this, debating whether or not an all time great like Brady would allow the presence of Mahomes to determine where he would play out his career.

“Brady fell off, he’s not an elite quarterback anymore… when was the last time Tom Brady was truly elite? Even when they won the Super Bowl, he game managed, they won, it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history,” Max Kellerman said. “I don’t hear anybody saying Tom Brady doesn’t want to go to this division because of this or that… there is one place people are saying stay out of that division, that’s Patrick Mahomes.”

“If Brady were to say something like this it would say a lot to me about Tom Brady, and I wouldn’t even be thinking about Mahomes. Who the hell are you to be scared of anybody?” his cohost Stephen A. Smith retorted, claiming that Brady has too much of a winning mentality to even consider where other quarterbacks are playing. “Hell with Patrick Mahomes, you’re supposed to look forward to facing him, especially if you’re a six time Super Bowl champion. And I don’t believe for one second that Tom Brady would have this mentality, let me look for a job in the NFC because I don’t want no part of the AFC.” 

Brady will go to a team ready to win right away, but I agree with Smith: no quarterback is going to keep Brady from taking a job in a particular division. You don’t win six rings without having the confidence to play against anyone.


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Would Tom Brady Allow Patrick Mahomes Presence In The AFC West Determine Where He Goes In Free Agency?

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