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For most people it is a foregone conclusion the Los Angeles Angels will name Joe Maddon their next manager; however, there is a belief that, if the numbers in the contract are big enough, the former Rays and Cubs skipper would return to the East Coast and take over as Philadelphia Phillies manager.  So, is there a number big enough to convince Maddon to return to his home state, and will the Phillies be willing to pay that amount for a World Series winning manager?

Only four managers in Major League Baseball history have won a World Series with two different teams, with only two managers doing it since 1948, Sparky Anderson and Tony La Russa.  The next team to hire Joe Maddon (and even Joe Girardi) are hoping to add another name to that list.

For Joe Maddon, who spend 30 years in the Angels’ organization, returning to where his baseball career began is something most people thought was a matter of when, not if, after he was fired by the Chicago Cubs.  With his desire to return to Southern California well known, people have added the San Diego Padres on to his list of places Maddon might go; however, as a person from Hazelton, Pennsylvania, some are not ruling out the Philadelphia Phillies as a landing spot for the quirky manager.

While Maddon might feel loyalty toward the Angels, the teams that give him the best chance to win a World Series talent wise are the Phillies, then the Padres, with Los Angeles being a distance third, at least during the 2020 season.  So, the question becomes, does Joe Maddon want to add to his legacy by winning another World Series, or just find a job that will pay well, there won’t be any true pressure to win, and where he can work five more years before retiring?

If Maddon really want to be known as a great manager, he will at least listen to the Phillies job and see if they are willing to give him the contract he deserves to be offered.  If/when he received that offer, then the pressure is on, because turning down a chance to manager the Phillies to go work for the Angels would prove that job is his golden parachute and I will never, ever believe that Maddon cares about winning against if he ends up managing in Los Angeles.

If, on the other hand, Maddon throws everyone a curve ball and goes to work for the Padres, then I think he would prove that being in California and winning are equally important, which might make that job the most appealing to him personally, however, for his legacy, moving to Philadelphia would make the most sense.


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