NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

The defending NFC champions have enjoyed a lot of success under their new, young head coach Sean McVay. Everyone is in love with the guy. He’s good looking, he’s intelligent, he can remember plays from a decade ago. He’s got it all. He took his team to the Super Bowl, and while he did come up short, their run last year was nothing short of dominant.

What if I told you that Sean McVay and co. we’re going to miss the playoffs this year though? Would you think I was crazy? Of course you would. It isn’t very often that a team goes to the Super Bowl and then misses the playoffs the very next year. This is not a list that anyone wants to be on, but unfortunately for the Rams, it’s a very real possibility with the way the 49ers and Seahawks are playing.

Kyle Shanahan has his team firing an all cylinders and Russell Wilson is playing at an MVP level. Here’s the other problem as well, the Rams aren’t playing very good football right now. They scored 40 on the Bucs, sure, their offense has never been the question, but….they gave up 55 in a losing effort, to Jameis Winston.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks, you have already beat them and the 49ers looks great on both sides of the ball. The Rams are in trouble and this isn’t a hot take or an overreaction. It’s just the bottom line. There were talks of a repeat NFC championship and another shot at the Patriots before the season began, and at this point they are the 3rd best team in their division. It’s time for McVay to prove that he is more than just the looks and the witty interviews. We all know that he is a fantastic offensive mind, one of the best in the entire world, but can he get this team turned around? Can he rally the troops and get them to fight out of this hole that they are in that they haven’t seen in quite some time under McVay. That’s the big question.

It’s too bad that you can’t get 3 teams from a division in because this Rams team will probably be capable of beating some of the first place teams in other divisions before the seasons over but it may just be too late at that point for them in their own division. You gave Jared Goff the pay day. Now it’s time for him to show that he is worth that money because up to this point he doesn’t look like he’s worth half of that contract.


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