TooAthletic Takes

I have to be genuine and straightforward so this is my disclaimer: very rarely do I watch tennis, but when I do it’s because of Serena Jameka Williams.  That has to be something because she’s been doing this for the past couple of decades.  She is 37, married with kin and is on her way to a possible 24th Grand Slam Title.  Just for those who don’t know tennis or follow it, aka me, if she wins she ties for the all-time record.  She’s been to The All England Club Title eleven times and won seven of them.  What the hell?!!!  She has reached at least 1 major final in the past twelve years consecutively.  That kind of past the likes of LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods.  Just throwing that out there.  No shade intended.  Just facts pointed out. Greatness is something embodied and then reflected. Serena showed us that age is nothing but a number and she is a living legend.  A true GOAT. 

In these semifinals Serena advanced 6-1, 6-2 in 59 minutes.  She was 100% on her first serves.  In five matches Williams has ran 4 kilometers less than her opponents.  She has 72 career titles.  The experienced showed and her execution was close to flawless.  She transformed herself in a matter of days to her former elite self.  It was one of the most dominant displays I have seen through out all of sports history; to my extents of it at least.

I showed my youngest daughter a video of Serena and told her what sport she played along with who she was.  She said she wants to play soccer and basketball but be as good of a player as Serena is.  I’d take a fraction of her greatness and be content.  Serena Williams…I wish you the best of luck pursuing your greatness and furthering your reign in this era.  Much respect, love and admiration. Keep writing your history.


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