TooAthletic Takes

So ah…Russell Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets.  That was something I just did not foresee occurring.  I thought the noise in Houston was over with and done.  No trades and no drama was the image painted by the front office and even the trade piece himself said so, Chris Paul.  Fortunately or unfortunately, James Harden made his voice be heard and known by pushing for the trade apparently.  This has been a historic year when referencing the NBA player as an individual and the power he has in a $50 billion plus industry.  The once voiceless player Kawhi has made an impact since his time with the Spurs came to an end.

Harden got his Christmas wish six months early for the cost of an aging future hall of famer who now has his title hopes buried under the rubble of another failed D’Antoni project.  Two out of the last three MVPs are currently on the same team.  The last time this occurred that I can recall was when Kevin Durant and Steph Curry teaming up and we know the results of that.  The last time Harden and Westbrook wore the same jersey in the NBA aside from the All Star game was in the 2012 Finals against the Heat.  They were “babies” compared to what they are now.

I can see why the hype is at the level it is.  In the last two seasons Westbrook averaged a triple double and James Harden just finished averaging 36 points per game.  Then under D’Antoni who seems to enable the type of players both Harden and Westbrook are this could be something great.  Perhaps we will see this new project bloom fruitfully.  Optimism is always warranted.  


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