TooAthletic Takes

Brian Windhorst has the distinction of being the most useless sports reporter in the world for any news not being hand fed to him by someone in the LeBron James camp. ESPN almost certainly only keeps him on hand so that they can get the inside track on all things LeBron, but hey, if you’re gonna pay a guy for full time work, you might as well trot him out onto the network for other things as well. A lot of TV hours to fill, I guess.

Here, Windhorst discusses why a trade involving Russell Westbrook to the Heat would be complicated; the Heat could not just take on the full salary and stay under the salary cap. Windhorst’s solution? “Look for a third team to get involved to potentially take a contract that could make this all possible,” Windhorst said.

Surely, this is the kind of insight and information that could only be gleaned from a plugged in, well connected NBA source like Brian Windhorst.


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