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Who You Taking: Kyler Murray Or Lamar Jackson?

The future of one NFL quarterback is now settled after the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray agreed on a five-year contract extension. The deal ensures Murray $30 Million in 2022 and over $100 million over the next three seasons. Another quarterback, Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson, is likely taking notes of Murray’s new deal as he tries to work on his own extension with the Ravens. However, like the Cardinals’ QB, contract talks in Baltimore have been slow to progress (mostly due to Jackson’s willingness to wait for the market to play out.) So, who do you want on your team, Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson?

The NFC West has, in theory, opened up a little bit for Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, they have the reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, but with Russell Wilson now a member of the Denver Broncos and Jimmy Garoppolo likely to be traded by the San Francisco 49ers, Murray should be, at worst, the second-best quarterback in the division. With Matthew Stafford and his win-now Rams likely unable to keep their team together in the near future after selling out to win a ring last season, the NFC West could be the domain of Kyler Murray and the high-flying Arizona offense that he leads.

Now let’s take a look at the other QB in this conversation… or debate.

Ever since winning his MVP award, Lamar Jackson has either plateaued or even regressed, forcing the Baltimore Ravens to fight harder for wins while still coming up short in the AFC Playoffs, going 1-3 since 2018 and missing the postseason altogether last year. The Ravens may not have to worry about the Steelers when fighting for AFC North supremacy after Ben Roethlisberger retired. However, they still have to worry about the Browns (sneaky good team) and the Bengals (AFC representative in the most recent Super Bowl) to contend with. And with Deshaun Watson, perhaps, not facing a year-long suspension in Cleveland, Lamar Jackson may be the third-best quarterback in the AFC North, making his road to the postseason as tough as ever and one he has proven is difficult to navigate.

Kyler Murray has proven he can throw from inside and outside the pocket and is one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL. Lamar Jackson, on the other hand, has a difficult time throwing outside the numbers, something his own team has had to make excuses for in recent years. Murray is much more like Russell Wilson since he knows running is best used for buying time and extending plays or picking up first downs and keeping drives alive. While Lamar Jackson relies too much on using his legs first and his arm second, thus making him the lesser of these two quarterbacks in my book. 

While the case can be made that Arizona was forced to give Kyler Murray a contract second only to Aaron Rodgers in terms of annual average value since starting from scratch would be a disaster for the franchise, Murray is primed and ready to make the NFC West and the entire conference his. By contrast, the doubts and worries about Lamar Jackson are still in the air over M&T Bank Stadium, with the Ravens knowing full well that making a $45 or $50 million per year investment in their current quarterback may be a bigger mistake than letting him walk as a free agent  Kyler Murray and his head coach Kliff Kingsbury have proven a lot of people wrong so far in Arizona, while Lamar Jackson has gone the opposite way, proving his MVP voters they may have jumped the gun on his Hall of Fame enshrinement … and right now, with the former under contract and the latter not, it appears the Baltimore Ravens may agree with me. 

So I gave you my reasons on why I would take Kyler Murray over Lamar Jackson, but I want to know who are you choosing?


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