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Who Wins The Super Bowl: An NFC West Team Or The Field?

All four teams from the NFC West started the 2021 NFL season 1-0, with none of them leaving any doubt they were the superior team on the field. So, now, I offer you this bet, I will give you all of the NFC West teams to win the Super Bowl, or you can have any of the other 28 teams in the NFL to knock them off. Who Ya Got: The NFC West or The Field to win the Super Bowl?

With an average margin of victory of 16.25 point, Arizona, the LA Rams, San Francisco and Seattle all dominated their opening week games, with three of them winning on the road and the Rams lighting up Sunday Night Football with their well-rounded team. They were the only division in the preseason that saw all four teams projected to be above .500 in their over/under win totals, and after one week, at least, they are living up to their billing as the best division in football.

Each of these teams still has questions to answer this season, the biggest coming from San Francisco, who used both their quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance in their win in Detroit. Will the 49ers turn over the reigns to their rookie Lance, or will he continue to be an extra weapon that San Francisco opponents need to plan for during the season while still preparing for Jimmy G’s arm in the pocket?

Of course, Arizona can’t expect the same level of output from Chandler Jones, who posted five sacks against Tennessee, three of which came in the first quarter as the Cardinals shut down the Titans. As for Seattle, they were what we have come to expect from them during the Russell Wilson era. A steady team on offense and a solid team on defense.

The team that stood out the most, perhaps because their victory was in primetime, was the LA Rams, who opened their new stadium to fans for the first time and showed no mercy to the Chicago Bears in a 20-point win where no one felt they were in danger of losing. With an offensive and defensive line that was able to control the line of scrimmage, new Rams’ QB Matthew Stafford was able to go deep or call upon the run game at will, with the Bears helpless to do much when they had the ball, drawing close a few times, but never having the firepower to keep pace with Stafford & Company.

Part of the problem of taking me up on this offer is that all four teams are in the same division. This means only one of them would host an opening round playoff game, and unless two of them knock off the rest of the NFC in the postseason, leaving one to host the conference title game, their path to the Super Bowl would involve road games. Additionally, these teams are so good, the battle for the NFC West will likely be fierce, giving each of them two, three, or maybe even four losses. Something that even with a 17-game schedule, could be too many to earn home field advantage in the postseason. And that doesn’t take into account the physical nature of those six games, which could turn into an injury to a key player or just fatigue, which never helps in January.

The thought is tempting, and I would love to see the odds of taking one division to win the Super Bowl the same way a prop bet was available in the preseason on the AFC to defeat the NFC (AFC was laying 2.5 points). Because right now, the NFC West is home to four teams who could go all the way to a Super Bowl LVI championship. I just hope all four teams can keep up this level of play all season long, since it will make the 2021 season enjoyable to watch. 


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