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Dak Prescott is an average quarterback.  Accept it Cowboys fans.  He is the pure representation of mediocrity.  “But, he’s a winner!”  That’s the counter to the argument every time. There is no part of his game that’s elite, or even stats to show he is elite. All we get is that he’s a winner. Which, don’t get me wrong, is the most important part of the game, but it’s also not a one man game, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the run game, offensive line, and vastly improved defense have just as much to do with those past wins as the guy under center. 

So, I’ve done some digging and I wanted to look at how Dak has played without Zeke behind him in the offense.  Then, I went and looked at how he has done since Amari Cooper has been added to the offense.  So, the debate today is, who is more important to Dak’s success, Amari Cooper or Zeke?  The answer isn’t a simple as you would think when you first read it. On one hand, we have a guy who loves to stay in the headlines and appears to be incapable of staying out of trouble. On the other hand, we have a guy who is never in the headlines and pretty much appears to keep his head down and just play football.  I don’t think I need to tell you which one is which.

During Zeke’s suspension, the Cowboys went 3-3.  Before obtaining Cooper last year, the Cowboys were 3-4.  So, not having both of them led to almost identical results.  Let’s dig deeper.  Dak’s completion percentage improved by almost 10% with Amari and his touchdown to interception ratio went from 8-4 to 14-4 with a 7-2 record.  Dak vastly improved over the back half of the season and it’s apparent that having a go to guy like Amari Cooper has a lot to do with it.  Now, Jerry doesn’t seem to be too worried about getting everyone paid, but I’m not so sure if Zeke is priority number 1.  By the way, Dak with Zeke and without Amari? Below .500 and Dak looked like a bust. 

I thought Zeke was the only instance of running backs not being a disposable position, but after checking out these stats and looking back at some film of Dak + Zeke pre-Amari Cooper, I’m not so sure anymore.  Now, we just need a good chunk of games with Dak and Amari without Zeke to really figure this thing out and it looks like we may be getting that at the start of this season. 


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