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This offseason just continues to heat up.  After this Russell Westbrook/Chris Paul trade, there is no denying that this is the craziest offseason in the history of not only the NBA, but in all of sports.  We have witnessed a complete shift in the power structure of the NBA in just a few weeks.  We went from super teams to dynamic duos, and the NBA is wide open now because of it. 

The east appears to be a two team race at the moment until Kevin Durant comes back, but the west is fully packed with talent.  We knew we were going to have a jam packed offseason with the loaded free agency class we had coming up, but nobody could have predicted the trades and the amount of moves that would come outside of the names on that free agency list.

So, who won?  Who are the best teams because of this insane offseason?  With the way that this has gone so far at such a rapid pace, there will probably be moves before I can even get this posted, but as of now it looks like the only two potential moves are Iggy to Houston and wherever OKC ends up dumping Chris Paul off to.  So, I feel comfortable in talking about the winners of the offseason at this point. 

Let’s start with the obvious, LA, both of them.  I made an article a couple of weeks ago saying that the best case scenario for the Kawhi Leonard situation was for him to end up at the Clippers to rival LeBron James and the Lakers and to most people’s surprise, it happened.  Not only did it happen, but he took Paul George with him and essentially forced the OKC rebuild.  Not only that, but he started a leveling of the west that would now make the NBA as balanced as it’s been in over a decade. 

The Lakers got their guy in Anthony Davis, but they also got a big in-city rival in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to go along with it. 

The Brooklyn Nets are another obvious winner.  In another article I stated that the Nets were targeting Kyrie so early in order to get Kevin Durant and it worked.  So anytime you add a top 3 or 4 point guard and the best scorer in the NBA it’s a win, regardless of his injury. 

In what looks to be the quickest rebuild we’ve ever seen, another big winner is the New Orleans Pelicans.  They essentially rebuilt from the ground up after the Anthony Davis departure and now look to be a team that is ready for the future. 

A lot of other teams made some good acquisitions and got significantly better, but if I’m talking about the teams with the most drastic changes and teams that should have their fans the most excited for the future, these are the ones.  Outside of just specific teams however, all NBA fans should be excited for what we are going to experience next season.  A fresh start. 


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