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When teams are throwing around billions of dollars in contracts in the hopes of winning a championship, it is easy to see why the best players of any league get the most money.  In the NBA, however, contracts are capped in length and in what their maximum value can be, so while giving Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard the most allowed, the role players behind them are the ones NBA teams bid, and often overbid for in pursuit of a title.  With the dust finally settling, it is time to award this year’s worst Free Agent Signing Award to the team who inked the contract they are likely to regret the most.

Who were the Phoenix Suns worried about losing Ricky Rubio to when they offered him $17 Million a year for three years? Sure, they found a point guard for the first time since Steve Nash; however, he has proven that his shooting will not get any better, so I guess the Suns are just happy paying him for his highlight passes. 

DeAndre Jordan will often look like he is carrying the $40 Million the Brooklyn Nets gave him while trying to play defense. The 30-year-old center hasn’t played or moved well on defense in years, and having him anchor the middle of your team’s defense will cost Brooklyn several games over the four years of Jordan’s contract. 

Did the Charlotte Hornets really agree to pay Terry Rozier $58 Million over three-years?  Did they feel like he was better than Kemba Walker, who they tried to lowball before he left for Boston?  Rozier does nothing extraordinary on the basketball court including shooting, something he has never done at a 40% or better clip during any of his first four years; sometimes there’s a reason teams let their own players leave.  No one knows why the Hornets let Walker go, and no one knows why they signed Rozier for the money they did.

Tobias Harris will earn the same amount of money from the Philadelphia 76ers as Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker will all earn from their teams next year.  Something sounds wrong with that statement, oh yeah, the fact that it’s true is what’s wrong.  This is my winner for the worst contract of the 2019 NBA offseason because the team is going to begin regretting it sooner rather than later, and it will only get worse for the Philadelphia 76ers as they get deeper into this five-year, $180 Million deal.


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