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Everyone is trying to determine which team Kawhi Leonard will choose. Not surprisingly, there a few NBA analysts who not only want to know where Kawhi is heading, but also wan’t to be the first to call it (it’s an ego thing). Thus, the reason why Stephen A. Smith, Chris Broussard, and Jalen Rose have all announced what they are hearing from their “sources” in regards to where Kawhi is going. They all have complete faith in their sources, and even place their percentage of assurance at 90% and above. The only problem is Jalen Rose differs from Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard. He is hearing Kawhi returns to the Raptors, while the others are hearing he is heading to the Lakers. Someone is bound to be wrong and end up with egg on their face, but I’m sure social media will be kind to whoever ends up wrong.










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