We May Never See Another Player Like Russell Westbrook

When something is done for the first time ever, or for the first time in so many years it’s magical.  It’s one of the best things about sports.  We love to watch records be set and records be broken. 

For Russell Westbrook, the moment he averaged a triple double for the entire season for the first time it was the only thing we talked about.  Then he did it again the next year to become the first player ever to not only do it twice, but two years in a row.  Now, he’s done it a third time.  

THREE YEARS IN A ROW RUSSELL WESTBROOK HAS AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOUBLE. Has this really become such a regular thing for Westbrook that we are not realizing the magnitude of what he has accomplished?  We may never see someone do this again and yet it is being overlooked by the fact that it’s…normal?

With this amazing accomplishment comes a lot of criticizing and people love to criticize Westbrook. 

“Stat padder.”  “Shooting percentage.” 

These are the two that every Westbrook hater love to bring up and there’s certainly an argument to be had about his shooting percentage, as it is one of the worst in the entire NBA, but there is still no denying the impact that Russell Westbrook has on a game and the fact that even in this atrocious shooting slump he is still averaging a triple double 3 seasons in a row is nothing short of remarkable.

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