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Watered Down: Is Deion Sanders Right About The Hall Of Fame?

When some people talk about their business, you better listen, and listen well. One person who had something to say is Deion Sanders, who recently had some choice words for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sanders, now a college football head coach, told those who are inducting NFL players that the Hall of Fame has become the “Hall of the Very Good” with too many players finding their way in. Sanders also offered a solution to what he called the “watering down” of the Hall of Fame, but neglected to mention the one flaw in the selection process which has created the problem he pointed to.

Every club in all walks of life needs a person that is able to tell the truth about what is required to be granted access to that club … in sports, the best club for all athletes is their sports Hall of Fame. So, those who run the Pro Football Hall of Fame needs to heed the warning issued by Deion Sanders when he recently said:

“The Hall of Fame ain’t the Hall of Fame anymore.”

When asked by Well Off Media during his interview with them to expand upon his answer, Sanders said:

“It’s people who changed the game. That’s what the Hall of Fame is, a game changer. Not, ‘I played good, I had a good run, I gave you 3-4 good years.’ No, dog. Game changers.”

When asked about how to fix the watering down of the Pro Football Hall of Fame roster, Sanders offered this solution:

“My jacket got to be a different color … There needs to be a starting 11, there needs to be an upper room. My (bust) doesn’t belong with some of these other (busts) that’s in the Hall of Fame … I’m sorry, I’m saying what you’re all thinking, and a lot of Hall of Famers are thinking the same thing.”

The problem Deion Sanders is pointing out is 100% real and he is 1000% correct. There are WAY too many “borderline” players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a problem most Halls have in the sports world. Those who vote for who is in and who is out of Canton, Ohio are not to blame however, those who set the rules for the annual vote each year are. That’s because after a constant reduction from all those eligible for the Hall of Fame (any player retired for five seasons), that sees several different lists released during the NFL season, when it comes down to the final 15 finalists, those who are asked to vote are required to enshrine at least three players, but no more than seven. It is this mandate of needing to have a Hall of Fame Class every year that has created the “Hall of the Very Good” Deion Sanders is describing and rightfully complaining about.

There are not always going to be three players worthy of Hall of Fame induction every year in football or in any sport, so having a rule like this is counterproductive and harmful to what any Hall of Fame should stand for. If they get rid of that rule, you will see an improvement of those players being enshrined in Canton and the mood of those already inducted improve immediately.

As for Sanders providing the idea of offering different color jackets for those who are in the “upper room” off the Hall of Fame: Well, I would love to be the person who tries to pick the people to be on the Upper Room Committee, because if you believe those who vote for who’s in the Hall of Fame face criticism, imagine what it would be like to put a “borderline” “upper room” player upstairs?  That would be a job no one would want, and besides, that would take away from the pleasure of having all those passionate debates over who the best cornerback really is … because believe it or not, some people think there were better players in NFL history than Deion Sanders, I know, crazy, right? 


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