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No rookie players’ hair is safe from Tom Brady and a pair of scissors. Chase Winovich was the latest rookie Patriots player to get a snippet of hair taken by Brady. Previously thought to be untouchable due to his long flowing locks, Chase learned that his hair could get taken even during a preseason game.

What makes the video above so great is that Brady has no shame in his game, and gladly shows Chase Winovich what he has done. Shocked that Brady was able to pull something like that off during a game, preseason nontheless, Winovich was able to laugh it off and admire the work done.

Tom Brady, known for being the leader when it came to giving rookies their introductory haircuts, recently was able to give rookie QB Jarrett Stidham a new haircut.

They don’t call him the GOAT for nothing. All current and future Patriot rookie players should beware of Brady and a pair scissors or they could be next on his list.


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