TooAthletic Takes

The first Sunday night game of the season was billed as a premier matchup, and on the surface it had all of the big game fixings. Two historic teams in the Patriots and Steelers in the tilt, two star quarterbacks in Big Ben and the greatest of all time in Tom Brady.

It all fell well short however, as the Patriots ended up drubbing the Steelers and elminiating any tension along the way en route to a 33-3 victory.

While the Patriots were unbelievably successful on both sides of the ball and Tom Brady continued his league dominance into his forties, it was the subpar play of Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh that caught the eye of Stephen A. Smith.

After highlighting the Pats dominance of the game itself, Smith said, “I’m looking at this Pittsburgh offense that went against that Patriot defense and I’m like, where the hell were you Big Ben Roethlisberger.” He went on to press the difference between Ben and the premier passers in the league, asking if he could even be included in the conversation with those players.

“Damn, Big Ben, could you act like a Hall Of Fame quarterback yourself? I mean straight garbage,” Smith completed, exasperated.

Big Ben has not been without his detractors in his years in the league but this has been the most direct criticism he has faced and it is frankly about time. He has coasted within his division and Pittsburgh fans have earned the accountability it sounds like they are going to get based upon national media reaction to their latest loss. 


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