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Kevin Durant is back in the news this last week or so because of comments made in a Wall Street Journal interview. It provided some insight into one of the most sensitive players in the league and his psyche, and it seems evident that he continues to live mostly inside of his own head.

Also in the interview, however, Durant discussed his departure and apparent contempt for Oklahoma City, saying, “Such a venomous, toxic feeling when I walked into that arena… I don’t trust nobody in that arena.” While Durant was clearly the best player on that squad, Stephen A. Smith of First Take believes that Russell Westbrook, a harder, tougher player than Durant, never considered him a team leader.

“It was hard for Russell Westbrook to follow him because the KD you see right now, the man, was a boy back then, and Russell Westbrook came in a man,” Smith said he had heard from sources. “”To go to Russell Westbrook and ask him to follow that guy, Russell Westbrook was a man and you were asking him to go follow that boy.”

That certainly seems plausible. The two seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum personality wise, and Westbrook doesn’t seem the type to be a follower to anybody, much less as soft an individual as Durant. 


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