TooAthletic Takes

Some days, viewers of First Take are supposed to be spared from Stephen A. Smith. Days like today, when he was scheduled to host Pardon The Interruption instead, are supposed to be little oasis in the desert, free of Smith’s excessive volume. The breaking news of the Russell Westbrook-Chris Paul trade, however, pried Stephen A from his slumber.

“You look at the Rockets, being coach by D’Antoni, and you think aw, it’s done, and then what do you do, you go out and you get the most athletic point guard in the history of basketball,” Smith said.

I mean, Westbrook is plenty athletic, but most athletic in the history of the game? More athletic than Oscar Robertson? More athletic than Magic Johnson? “In the history of basketball” goes back quite a long way.

In his defense, he lists plenty of reasons this is a big upgrade for Houston: Westbrook is younger and better than Chris Paul at this point. Just might be a little hyperbole mixed in there.


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