TooAthletic Takes

Is Tony Kornheiser the Stephen A. Smith whisperer? Is there something special about the host that turns Stephen A into a calm, rational human being? The following clip is one of the few times that Smith not only makes a whole lot of sense, but also, for the love of God, isn’t just screaming at us.

Chauncey Billups made some public remarks about Carmelo Anthony recently. The general overview of the statement was that Melo was selfish, and personal stats and scoring 30 a night mattered more than winning. Kornheiser asked Smith his thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t think it can be denied that he’s right,” Smith said. “For Chauncey Billups to say, quote, you score twenty, less than thirty, and you’re down when we win… that might be the most devastating quote that has ever been said about Carmelo Anthony.” Stephen A cited Billups tenure on two separate teams with Anthony as a reason he has to be believed.
I agree with Smith, and certainly take Billups at his word. My only question is: why is this news? Was there anyone out there who didn’t already think this about Carmelo?


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