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I truly believe LeBron is feeling is reign as king coming to an end.  A video went viral of James dunking while in his son’s high school lay up line.  What is this truly showing the world? Prior to answering that question let’s take a look at what has recently occurred in LeBron’s career.

The Lakers missed the playoffs.  Last time LeBron was actually in the playoffs, he lost a Finals series 0 to 4 against the Warriors.  This is not that big when you look at his current dilemma though. The man that assisted the Spurs in swiping his ring from him is now in the same town and same arena as him.  The two time champion, Finals MVP and the two time Defensive Player of the Year, Kawhi Leonard, is his new neighbor. What makes it even worse is his coach is Doc Rivers and one of his teammates is Paul George.

With all of that being said I can state one thing or more if warranted for certain. Leonard has taken the thrown at the top of the NBA and LeBron won’t come out and say it but he does not like the spotlight on anyone else but him.  To lose it to someone that doesn’t even have a social media account has to be mind numbing. Kawhi is doing things the old school way via controlling the media without social media and it’s something today’s NBA got blindsided by. It’s ingenious.

Needless to say if LeBron has his focus on this now then how will it affect his season as a player and as a leader? Does the former king himself feel Father Time coming for his athleticism?  Does he feel his team is not enough to overcome the mountain his new neighbor has set before him?  I’m just as ready for the season as you all are but is he?


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