TooAthletic Takes

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe were discussing legacies, specifically those of Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James. Sharpe, finally making a salient point after all these years, pointed out that Kawhi had not moved to some scrub team as it has been made out by the media to be, but went to a 48-win playoff team, and took Paul George with him.

Skip was more interested in talking LeBron, and his belief that after missing out on Kawhi in the past week, LeBron has already won his last championship. “It effectively ended LeBron’s championship possibilities. LeBron James is not going to win another championship without Number Two, period, end of story,” Skip said.

It is in Skip’s job description to give big, steaming hot takes, but to declare LeBron finished with at least a few good years left in his legs, Anthony Davis on his roster, and a merry go round of free agency occurring every year seems a bit off even for Bayless.


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