TooAthletic Takes

Feeding off of a Pro Football Focus write-up that listed Dak Prescott as “profoundly average”, a difficult moniker to argue with based on the evidence, the guys of Speak For Yourself discussed his future in Dallas.

“In this case, if the Dallas Cowboys give Dak Prescott thirty million dollars a year, it will be the worst mistake in the history of the franchise, that they’ve ever made,” Shawn Merriman said. “The reason why, if they give him this type of money, it could take three or five years to recover from.”

Let’s face it, the Dallas offense has kept Dak afloat. Playing behind that line, with Ezekiel Elliot chewing up and spitting out yards the way that he has, there truly is no excuse for Prescott not to excel. Dallas would be well within their rights to treat this as a make or break year. If your looking for a true indictment of Prescott, think of it this way: if Dallas cut him tomorrow, would you want your team to sign him?


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