TooAthletic Takes

Nick Wright has a tendency, I believe, to stumble through all of the wrong reasons to reach the right conclusions. I believe that is what he is doing in the clip above where he discusses whether or not the Thunder should trade Russell Westbrook. Clearly they should, but Wright lays it out as some moral obligation, a debt that the Thunder owe Westbrook as they head into rebuild mode. 

Will Westbrook getting a chance to play for a competitive team be a pleasant byproduct of him being traded? Of course. But the Thunder don’t owe that to him. Nobody being paid the kind of money Westbrook makes is owed a debt of anything other than their big fat check from their employer. The Thunder owe it to themselves, however, to do their very best to turn Westbrook into the absolute mountain of picks and assets that they got for Paul George, or as close to it as they can. They need to cash in on his value, not make good on an imaginary debt.


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