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Speak For Yourself, the sports talk show that thought the best way to improve the show format of two guys sitting at a table yelling at each other was to just add more guys, talked about the Golden State Warriors feeling a sense of betrayal from Kevin Durant signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Marcellus Wiley expressed his knowledge that the team felt betrayed, and a sense of frustration that the organization won’t just admit it publicly. The group also discusses the potential that the Warriors knew he was on the way out, and let him play on a bum calf because of it, all while Jason Whitlock sweats profusely, I assume.

I don’t think the Warriors have a right to feel slighted by Durant’s departure. He was a carpetbagger from the get go out in Oakland, came to cash in some cheap rings, and now he’s on his way. He wasn’t a home grown talent, and the fans never seemed to latch onto him in any special way. And retiring the number of a player who left in free agency and is still active? That’s crazy ex-girlfriend stuff.


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