TooAthletic Takes

At this point, this is not breaking news, but damn, Antonio Brown has gone off the rails. Between his disgusting frostbitten feet and his hangup over the NFL requiring players wear newer, safer helmets that had him threatening retirement, it’s unclear whether he needs the reps in the preseason as much as he clearly needs some time on a therapist’s couch. So when posed the question of who looked the worst in the standoff between Brown, the NFL, and the Raiders, of course Jason Whitlock determined that it was in fact Jon Gruden who looked foolish.

“This sounds like a kid with a little smoke screen… and he’s got Gruden saying oh, its a total accident,” Whitlock said. “AB did something stupid, he’s burned up his feet and jeopardized his season, and Jon Gruden’s out here having to explain this, rationalize this.”​

To be clear, Whitlock is arguing that the coach trying to protect one of the most talented players on his roster from scrutiny, no matter how deserved, looks worse than a man who got frostbite on his feet in a cryogenics machine because he forgot to wear socks. For once, however, Whitlock is not the one who looks the worst in this clip, because Jeff Fisher looks like he got hit by a truck since he stopped coaching in -the league. Looks like going 7-9 your entire career takes a bit of a toll. 


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