TooAthletic Takes

Writing about Jason Whitlock feels like cheating, a little bit. Seventy five percent of what he says is misguided garbage, the other twenty five percent is typically fast food orders. So when he took to the airwaves to declare that the NBA doesn’t care about fans but only it’s stars, it made for some good hate watching.

The NBA, which consists of the owners really, care about their customers, the fans. It’s not an emotional thing, sports team owners just really like making more money, which only comes from the fans via ticket sales, cable deals, etc. They care about the players, sure, as employees. It’s important to keep your employees satisfied. Why? Because then they will produce a better product for the fans. Teams cater to trade requests, hand out player friendly contracts, generally kowtow to players in order to get them in their city, because that makes their team better, and fans like good teams.

Simple math, Jason.


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