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Cris Carter.  After all the times I have ignored everything he said I am obligated as a Brooklyn Nets fan to be biased and take his word for everything on this great green and blue world called Earth.  He stated that his sources tell him Kevin Durant will be ready in 6 months from now.  SIX MONTHS!!!  That falls after the All Star break but before the playoffs.

With me looking at the Nets and their current roster I can say and will say they are already playoff bound. No doubt.  They have replaced D’Angelo Russell despite a tremendous season.  He has my utmost respect but Kyrie is Uncle Drew.  Not much discussion there and Russell understands the “business” of the NBA. They retained Dinwidde, Levert is coming off a season where he was about to prove himself, Jarett Allen is still a superstar blocker, Joe Harris shoots like a Splash Brother, they acquired Taureen Prince and they picked up Deondre Jordan.

This team is already dangerous with out KD.  If Durant is to return and Cris Carter is actually correct this changes everything.  Please don’t get anything I’ve said wrong or misunderstand the fact that I put Kawhi Leonard and Steph Curry on pedestals.  They each have their own greatness but Kevin Durant is on another level when it comes to how unstoppable he is offensively.  He is where Ben Simmons and the Greek Freak want to or need to be.  A 7 footer that can score from anywhere on anyone.  It has to be actually very hard sleeping prior to being assigned KD the next game up.  LeBron learned the hard way back to back years.  Stats don’t even need to be rendered for him.  That is how much weight his name carries.

If KD returns after All Star break…the Nets gain an edge over everyone who is a title contender. Short, sweet and simple…my Nets will be obtaining their first championship since the merger.  Yea…I am that kind of fan. Ha.


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