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Colin Cowherd, reinvigorated by a fresh new season to bloviate about, kicked off what amounts to his weekly power rankings that he calls the Herd Hierarchy (really?). He compiles the list as follows:

10. Texans 
9. Chargers
8. Packers
7. Ravens
6. Vikings
5. Rams
4. Cowboys
3. Eagles
2. Chiefs
1. Patriots

There isn’t a lot of room for argument at the top portion of Colin’s list, with the Patriots demolishing the Steelers Sunday night in front of a national audience and Patrick Mahomes seeming to not skip a beat in following up his MVP performance.

The rest of the list looks a bit sloppy to me, though. The Eagles are talented to be sure, but snuck by a wreck of a Redskins team after getting into a hole early. The Cowboys beat up on the stinking corpse of Eli Manning and the Giants, and are entirely too high at four. The Texans bodies are not even cold after their loss to the Saints, and they’re number ten?

It’s week one and odds are there will be a healthy amount of turnover in this list by the middle of the season, but I see as many pretenders as contenders in Cowherd’s ratings. 


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