TooAthletic Takes

Here we are, in that dead spot of summer, with the All Star Break interrupting the baseball season, no football until camps opens, no breaking news, and most of the big chips already falling in the NBA. Also hockey isn’t… I don’t know, doing whatever it is hockey does when it’s not the playoffs.

This is prime bad-take season, my friends.

And unwilling to let us down are Colin Cowherd and his guest, Chris Broussard, milking whatever he can out of the spotlight before being put back in mothballs until next season. Reacting to Adam Silver’s lament that he wishes players would demand trades less frequently, Broussard had this to say. “How are you gonna stop players from demanding trades? I think there’s only two ways, number one if you give them longer deals… if you just say once you sign a contract, you can’t be traded… and I don’t think anybody wants that,” he said.

These certainly are ways in which you could restrict trade demands, but why would you? The NBA has gone from a league that only garnered attention during the playoffs to one that runs full portions of the calendar, right through the off season. Why are we messing with this?


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