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Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, made a very good point on observation about Carmelo Anthony, and why he currently is not in the league.  It was not a shot at Melo.  It was not an insult to Melo.  It was an honest opinion based off playing alongside of Melo and seeing how things have ended up for him.  Billups stated, “…he’s still worthy…” and “he hasn’t mentally taken that step back today and say “OK, I’ll come in and play against back-ups.  I’ll try to help the team out.””.  This is absolutely correct.

Carmelo still has the ability to be a productive player in the league, but his stardom seemingly left him too early.  I personally think Melo can still be score 18 to 20 points a game.  He just has to take the role he is given and flourish in it via adapting his game to the modern NBA.  Easier said than done but if you truly love basketball you should make the “sacrifice” to be a team player.  As someone that plays basketball and learned so much from the modern NBA, selfish basketball gets you no where.  Trusting your teammates to give the ball to you when you get to your spot or during your hot streak or during a play is what the Warriors mastered.  That game can be learned early and mastered through years spent in the league.  Look at the Spurs and how long they’ve been contenders.  Team basketball is everything.

I used to believe Melo’s way was the right way, and I would mistake it for the Mamba mentality but it isn’t.  You see the Mamba took over when there was no other answer.  You had to enter that mode; not be in it 24/7.  Melo relied on that too much and has not learned to be for the team.  It’s like the Avatar by James Cameron.  There was a whole system on that planet and when you give, it gives back.  Trust the system.  Trust your team.  A humbled mindset will bring Melo back to the league effectively.  Just imagine him actually not dribbling, utilizing screens over picks, shooting off those screens(high or low) and also being able to effectively set screens with his solidness in strength at his position.  Give and go Melo.  Give and go.


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