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The University of Kansas was “shocked” by a Friday night performance by Snoog Dogg, a performance the school, itself, booked as part of its “Late Night in the Phog” rally to promote the men’s basketball team.  The school was forced to have head coach Bill Self (who’s in his own kind of trouble with the NCAA) issue a “Late Night in the Phog” apology after Snoop Dogg performed uncensored lyrics of his songs, had dancers performing on stripper poles and shot cash into the crowd at the Allen Fieldhouse event. 

After the performance, Bill Self said in a late night press conference, “That’s not the direction anyone at our school would want that to go at all.  It was not the right way to provide the entertainment.”

Bill Self and the University of Kansas received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA letting the men’s basketball program know that they “lack institutional control;” so for Self or anyone from the school to claim they were shocked by how Snopp Dogg entertained the student body during their Midnight Madness event is reason enough for the Jayhawks to admit their guilt on all the other charges and throw themselves at the mercy of the NCAA investigators. 

Clearly it has been a very bad two weeks for the University of Kansas and coach Self; who is accused of indirectly getting money to two basketball recruits through someone who works at Adidas.  If the charges, that are based upon text messages discovered by the NCAA, prove true, the school and the coach are facing a lot more trouble than they will be for having Snopp Dogg curse in front of college students; but the optics of money being tossed into the stands with dancers on stripper poles nearby is not something Self or the school needed right now.


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