NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

This is all I know, I sat down and turned the game on at the end of the third and Kyler Murray had gone 6 for 16 for 41 yards, no touchdowns and threw an interception.  I was like damn, I hate being right some times.  Then the fourth quarter began.  

Heading into the fourth the Arizona Cardinals were down 17-6.  The Lions scored again increasing the lead to 18 points making the score 24-6. Things were not looking too good for the rookie quarterback and company but then a fourth quarter general came out of hiding from the depths of Murray’s mind and was brought to full display. 

Kyler Murray didn’t score until just under 6 minutes left to play.  Then he scored again with a pass to the legend himself, Larry Fitzgerald, to end a 60 yard drive and put them within two points.  Did they convert?  Yes they did and they forced overtime.

In overtime Murray covered 60 yards with just two passes to put his team in position to take the lead with a field goal.  A seemingly improved defense could held off the Lions from gaining another touchdown, forcing them to settle for a field goal thus putting the game in a tie, and that is how it ended.  Murray ended the game going 29 for 54, throwing for over 300 yards, and tacking on two touchdowns after his initial interception. 

It was not a win it was a tie, but it was not a loss. Rookie, you did good.  Much better than I could have anticipated.  You still have a lot to prove but I am sure that confidence booster is in affect with how you came an showed up despite a bad start.  Next time, conquer and win.  your performance has earned you the nick name “Sour Patch Kid”…first they’re sour, then they’re sweet.  


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