ESPN Takes, NFL Takes

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the two unbeaten teams remaining in the NFL along with the New England Patriots, thus far in the season exceeding expectations and jumping out to an early lead in the NFC West. In a talented division that was supposed to be controlled by the Seahawks and Rams, the Niners are not going down without a fight. Stephen A. Smith of First Take, however, believes the Rams are about to put an end to San Fran’s dream start.

“I consider this a must win situation for the Rams on their home turf, within the division, you lose this game and you’ve lost a division game, you’ll be two games back of the San Francisco 49ers,” Smith said. “I think that the Rams will respond offensively to the challenge, I don’t think Jimmy G will… I think the Rams will find a way to pull out this one.”

The Niners solid start rings a little hollow when you bear in mind who they’ve beaten. A short staffed, Big Ben-less Steelers squad, the Bengals, the Browns, and the Buccaneers are not exactly a murderer’s row, so thinking that they are suddenly the class of the division doesn’t make a lot of sense. Expect the Rams to win this game, perhaps going away, especially with the home field advantage being a big factor. 


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