ESPN Takes, NBA Takes

If there is such a thing as a three pointer heard around the world in a preseason NBA game against an overmatched Chinese team, well, Ben Simmons hit it the other night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. In the closing seconds of the first half, the 76ers young star pulled up at the three point line and drained a jumper from beyond the arc, a feat he has not yet accomplished in a regular season game at the pro level. His team went nuts, the crowd went wild; it was truly a feel good moment to see Simmons overcome his hesitation to take a jumper in real time.

Jalen Rose of ESPN’s Get Up believes this could be a sign of great things to come. “For a young All Star player that flirts with triple doubles nightly, will play defense, can finish at the hoop, he had a glaring weakness in his game. And that’s what you wanna see, young people improve,” Rose said of the phenom. “If he can make jump shots, your Philadelphia 76ers will be my favorite to come out of the East.”

People knocked the Sixers for losing Jimmy Butler in the offseason and questioned whether or not they had the firepower to get back to the Eastern Conference Finals, but Simmons developing a jumper or even being a threat to shoot from outside will be the equivalent of the best could prove to be the best acquisition the team could have made this year. Let’s see him do it against another NBA team before we go crazy, but this was nothing if not promising. 


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