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Todd McShay: Jordan Love Compares To Patrick Mahomes

Todd McShay: Jordan Love Compares To Patrick Mahomes | Sports Takes & News |

It’s combine season in the NFL, which means it’s that special time of year where people are trained to ignore the things they have seen college football players do on the field itself and focus instead on a bunch of measurables that probably aren’t a good indicator of success. Players often benefit from the inane hype surrounding the combine, and one of this year’s main beneficiaries has been Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, who ran a 4.74 40 yard dash and has garnered a fair amount of attention for it. Despite a mediocre year, his numbers in the combine has him getting talked up, including the clip below in which Todd McShay compares Jordan Love to Patrick Mahomes.

“To me, Jordan Love is the third best quarterback and everybody is talking about Herbert but in the next few weeks that is going to change… he’s the type of player in today’s NFL that works, he gets the ball out quickly,” McShay said. “Patrick Mahomes is a comparison only because they work off of instinct and they can adjust and they don’t care about reps as far as getting the ball out… I’m not saying he’s going to be Mahomes, nobody is Mahomes.”

Than why compare him to Mahomes? Why throw the name out if you know it’s dumb? In the same interview, McShay says, no joke, that he believes arm strength is overrated. Combine coverage and draft coverage is the absolute pit of humanity. 


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Todd McShay: Jordan Love Compares To Patrick Mahomes |

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