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The Celtics and Kyrie are done, and Boston will be signing their backup plan, Kemba Walker, who isn’t an upgrade, but may be a better fit for Brad Stevens’ scheme.  Oh yeah, and he also isn’t an absolute liability in the locker room.  He also doesn’t think the earth is flat, so maybe this is an upgrade after all. 

The Nets look to be in full motion on bringing in Kyrie Irving on what looks to be a 4 year, $141 million deal.  Now, Kyrie has been known to make some last minute decisions, and go the unexpected route in the past, so I don’t think anyone should believe it until the paper is signed. However, it looks like the Nets are getting this one locked up early so they can start the Kevin Durant sweepstakes with the help of Kyrie.

Orlando Magic will be looking to build on their surprise playoff berth last year by holding on to their biggest piece, Nikola Vucevic.  The extension will be 4 year, $100 million.  This is a good move for Orlando, as they wouldn’t have sniffed the playoffs without him and it was well known that Vucevic was going to be a hot commodity once free agency began. 

It appears Klay Thompson will be staying home with the Warriors on a 5 year, $190 million deal.  Although he will not play this upcoming season (if they are smart and don’t try and rush him back for playoffs) this is still the right move.  They will have the money from the next arena opening and they know that Klay is one of the most important pieces to their championship success. 

It looks like Ricky Rubio will be switching teams but keeping the same colors as he will be joining the Indiana Pacers.  Rubio is a solid point guard who brought alot of success on and off the court to the Utah Jazz and will be a good fit for Victor Oladipo and co.  He just didn’t fit with the Jazz anymore as they look to build around Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. 

The Brooklyn Nets look to be the champions of free agency by signing Kevin Durant after making the Kyrie Irving deal.  It looks like the plan to sign Kyrie early to convince KD to come as well has paid off.  They are also looking to add one of KD’s close friends, Deandre Jordan and will look to be the team to be after this season when Durant comes back. 

Hornets and Celtics are basically completing a point guard swap, as Terry Rozier plans to sign a 3 year, $58 million sign and trade deal.  Depending if the Hornets can get some help around Rozier, this could potentially be a great deal for the Hornets, who will now be getting a discount at point guard in Rozier. 

The Bucks look to be trying to keep the same core together as they have agreed to terms with both Brook Lopez and Khris Middleton on a massive contract.  No word yet on what’s going on with Malcolm Brogdon, but if this is the trend the Bucks are looking to stay on, I won’t be surprised to see him resigned as well. 


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