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The Celtics needed to add some defense and a viable big man after losing Al Horford yesterday.  They did one of those two things by adding Enes Kanter, who is a viable big man, but also an absolute liability on defense.  They will have to look elsewhere to find the proper help they need on that side of the ball.

Apparently Portland was not phased yesterday by the massive deal they gave to Dame Lillard.  Today they have traded Mo Harkless and Meyers Leonard to Miami for Hassan Whiteside, one of the most overpaid players in the NBA.  Don’t expect to see too many roster changes moving forward Blazers fans, this cap is on lockdown after these two deals.

Seth Curry got paid.  Seth, who actually finished with a better 3 pt % than his brother Steph this past year, has now signed his biggest contract of his professional career.  He is now on a 4 year, $32 million deal and will be returning to play with the Dallas Mavericks.   

DeAngelo Russell to the….Warriors?  Damn, I was just starting to like the guy too.  Russell has signed a massive 4 year, $117 million deal with the Warriors, who I guess will now be looking to run a 2 point guard lineup?  This will be interesting to see once the Warriors are healthy after this season.  Who steps into the shooting guard role while Klay is sidelined?  What happens when Klay comes back? 

3 years, $40 million.  That’s what it cost the LA Clippers to keep Pat Beverley from leaving.  Good move LA.  This is the guy who had Kevin Durant all in his feels during the playoffs when he was playing fantastic defense against him.  He’s one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA and has earned this pay day. 

Okay, now everybody is getting max deals.  Honestly, what is the criteria for getting one of these things now?  Jamal Murray signed a 5 year, $171 million contract with the Denver Nuggets.  While he is a rising star, he showed just as much inconsistency as he did upside potential during their playoff run.  Guess they are banking on the upside part of his game and not the costly, bone-headed turnovers. 

One of the best role players in the NBA will be in a new uniform next year.  There is no denying the contributions that Andre Iguodola had on the championships that Golden State won, but I guess it wasn’t enough to keep him there in the long run.  He has been traded to the Memphis Grizzlies for future draft compensation.  I mean, to be fair, the Golden State Warriors have proven to be pretty damn good at that whole drafting thing. 

The New York Knicks signed somebody!  Okay, let’s calm down.  It wasn’t anyone that was on their fan base’s wish list.  They signed Reggie Bullock to a two year deal.  Knicks fans, seriously, none of us will judge you if you jump ship.  Get out of that fan base and move to another team because it’s not getting better any time soon. 


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