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The Jump Debates Whether Zion Williamson Is Unguardable

The Jump Debates Whether Zion Williamson Is Unguardable | Sports Takes & News |

The Lakers/Pelicans matchup held some interest, but the subtext of the game, the LeBron James vs. Zion Williamson aspect, was much more potent. The incoming rookie in Zion has already proven to be a dominant offensive force, and was getting the chance to square off against one of the greatest of all time. Each got theirs, for sure, with James putting up 34 points to Zion’s 35 in the Lakers victory, but Williamson’s ability to put up a big number despite being guarded by one of the best defensive players in the game poses a serious question just games into his career: is he already unguardable?

“He’s not unguardable, and I say that with all due respect, but you just can’t let him catch the ball anywhere near the paint,” Ramona Shelburne said on ESPN’s The Jump. “You have to get him outside of the paint, as far out as you can get him, cause if he catches it out by the three point line you can maybe dare him to take a mid range.”

“I think he is (unguardable) and the reason is he uses his power as strength,” Clinton Yates said in opposition. “He’s not just barreling through guys. He’s not getting a lot of charges. He knows when to put it on you.”

While I tend to side more with Shelburne that planning properly and keeping him out of the paint is the key to guarding him, the fact that this discussion is even occurring just a month into his tenure says a lot about what a force Zion is and will probably be in the league for a long time to come. 


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The Jump Debates Whether Zion Williamson Is Unguardable |

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