Texas Tech Will Bully Virginia With Their Defense In The National Championship

The madness of March has finally settled and left us with two teams.  Texas Tech Red Raiders and their incredible defense against Virginia Cavaliers and their incredible….referees? 

Now I said yesterday that we had an ugly Final Four and I didn’t think it could get much worse, then the two worst outcomes happened. 

Auburn outplayed Virginia until the refs decided that double dribbles were allowed on the final possession of the game.  How ironic that the team I said didn’t deserve to be here (Auburn) lost to a team that now doesn’t deserve to be here (Virginia). 

Texas Tech bodied Michigan State in what was an absolute snooze fest.  Don’t let that take away from the fact that what the Red Raiders have done has been nothing short of spectacular on the defensive side of the ball but just like those 9-6 score NFL games that the old heads love, spectacular defense is not always great on the eyes. 

This will be especially true for the casual fans that don’t always tune in until March.  Now I also said yesterday that Texas Tech is going to win every time they keep the opposing team under 70, and they had the potential to do so against any of the teams prior to the National Championship.  That remains true against Virginia and while Virginia is very good at keeping the pace exactly where they want it to be, Texas Tech may be able to smother them just enough to not allow the zebras to bail them out again. 

Defense wins championships, right?  Texas Tech leads the nation in defensive efficiency and Virginia shouldn’t be here.  I think that’s all of a prediction that I need to give for this one.

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