Terrible Look: Should Oregon Be Punished for What Their Students Did?

The college football season is well underway, with students and fans finding out quickly how good or bad their school’s roster is. This weekend, however, the students of Oregon showed the nation how nasty those in the stadium can be during a game when they chanted a profanity against their opponents from BYU. Sadly, a video showing how the students smeared their school’s name Saturday night, with the program and most students distancing themselves from the actions of a few. The question still remains: Should Oregon be punished for what a few students did? 

The chant was focused directly at the players of BYU, a Mormon school located in Utah, and the message was clearly, HATE.

The chat of “Fuck the Mormon” was heard throughout Autzen Stadium, a chat which overshadowed the 41-20 victory by the 25th ranked home team over the 12th ranked visitors. By the time the stadium was empty, a video where the chat could be heard went viral for all the nation to hear, shaming the students and the school. 

Players from BYU showed their respects before the game by running out onto the field with a flag with the name Spencer Webb, an Oregon player who passed away this summer during a climbing accident. One BYU player also placed flowers on the four-yard line in tribute to Webb, who was planning to wear that number this season.

For whatever it may be worth, reports are that only a few students in the stands took part in the chat. Nevertheless, it was captured for all to hear and now the University of Oregon must wear it. European soccer leagues have banned teams from having fans in their stadium if previous spectators get out of hand with what they say or do during a match. In this case, I feel as if Oregon should not be allowed to admit students into their home games for a least a few weeks if not the rest of the 2022 season and should be asked to forfeit the tickets which would have gone to their own students to those from their opponent’s school free of charge.

What the students from Oregon did was both criminal and cowardly, hiding a crowd hoping to bait their schoolmates into spewing hate at a football game. It is too bad that the university wasn’t able to find a few of them and let them meet the players who carried out the flag with Spencer Webb’s name or the player who placed flowers onto the field … It is also too bad that these hateful students didn’t have the guts to look any of the BYU players in the eye and express their narrow-minded opinions face to face. That’s why everyone at Oregon and the next school’s student body who is thinking about following their lead needs to be showed that what happen will not be tolerated.

I also hope that BYU invites the students from Oregon who were chatting for a visit to Utah so they can really learn what Mormons are all about. 


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Terrible Look: Should Oregon Be Punished for What Their Students Did? |

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