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Stephen A. Smith Would Not Trade Joel Embiid Under Any Circumstance

Stephen A. Smith Would Not Trade Joel Embiid Under Any Circumstance | Sports Takes & News |

Joel Embiid is currently nursing a shoulder injury, one that fortunately has turned up no structural damage and should only keep him out a week or so. Not as lucky has been his 76ers costar Ben Simmons, whose back injury may or may not have been mishandled and is now keeping him out of the lineup for an undetermined period of time. This Philadelphia team was intended to be built for a deep playoff run, but if its missing either of it’s stars it is destined for a much earlier exit than hoped. As the team totters on the edge of disaster as it has all season, talk of breaking them up and starting over has begun, with Embiid himself being the piece people think could garner the most return. Stephen A. Smith of First Take, however, believes there is no circumstance under which the Sixers should consider trading their big man.

“Joel Embid is 25 years of age, he’s seven feet, he’s over 250 pounds, tremendous foot work, tremendous scoring ability, averages 23 right now, averaged 27 last season, can put the ball in the hole and he’s just 25 years old,” Smith said of the young stud. “I would not trade Joel Embiid under any circumstances, I’m holding onto that brother. Because guess what, he can shoot perimeter shots, he can play in the open court, he runs the break, he finishes at the basket, I think he needs to be even better at the low post.” 

He’s too young for the Sixers to blow up the process they spent years building. When healthy and engaged, Embiid can absolutely wreck a basketball game. That’s not talent that winning organizations trade away. They need to keep him, and Simmons for that matter, and develop a plan that actually works for their players. 


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Stephen A. Smith Would Not Trade Joel Embiid Under Any Circumstance |

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