Disrespectful To James Harden

Stephen A. Smith To Max Kellerman: You’re Disrespectful To James Harden

Stephen A. Smith To Max Kellerman: You’re Disrespectful To James Harden | Sports Takes & News |

The Memphis Grizzlies and their rookie star Ja Morant have been having a bit of a back and forth with the Houston Rockets and their respective stars, James Harden and Russell Westbrook, this season. It started in January when James Harden gave Morant a disrespectful amount of space while defending him around the three point line. Morant responded by draining a wide open three, running back on defense, and imploring his teammates to, “Tell that mo——–er about me.” Leading up to their next matchup, Morant expressed his belief that there was no reason to be afraid of any player, even one’s as talented as Harden and Westbrook. This was brought up on First Take, who was under more pressure because of Ja’s trash talk, Ja himself or Harden. Max Kellerman argued that Harden was under the gun because the rookie called him out multiple times, but Stephen A. Smith couldn’t disagree more.

“You are so disrespectful to James Harden! It’s getting annoying. This is not a playoff game. This is not a playoff style game,” Smith said, noting that the Rockets are playoff bound no matter what happens against the Grizzlies while Memphis toils with a sub .500 record. “James Harden is averaging 35, seven, and six… Because of a game being played in February against a rookie, you’re trying to tell me this matters?”

Smith is right, of course, that Morant needs to take the crown from Harden rather than the other way around. Morant is the rookie and the young gun; the onus is on him to prove himself against the veteran star. Harden has already proven himself over and over again. 


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Stephen A. Smith To Max Kellerman: You’re Disrespectful To James Harden |

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