ESPN Takes, NFL Takes

Antonio Brown has dominated the football headlines as of late, and like a toddler seeking attention it seems as though this has caused Odell Beckham, Jr., to act out. He took to the field for his Cleveland Browns on Sunday sporting a flashy, $200,000 watch, in direct violation of NFL rules that prohibit wearing hard jewelry on the field. After being told about this and levied a fine for the act, Beckham insisted he was going to continue to wear the watch. This is just the latest in Beckham’s antics, which most recently got him pushed out of his home on the New York Giants and shipped to what is the football equivalent of Siberia in Cleveland.

Stephen A. Smith of First Take believes that Beckham is using these childish ploys to distract us from his play on the field. “It’s not like you’ve given us winning football to talk about. You’ve been on the Giants, and your first week in Cleveland, we know how that went,” Smith said, highlighting OBJ’s underwhelming performance of only 71 yards. “He said, let me do what I can to bring attention to myself so my profile stays elevated… the reality is, regardless of his greatness, we don’t have a lot of football to talk about.”

I think this is more of a chicken and egg scenario. Beckham’s slow spiral was fueled by his off field antics, which were fueled by his on field greatness, and the antics are eating away at his focus and play. 


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