ESPN Takes, NFL Takes

It’s not every day that a professional quarterback is so bad in an NFL game that he feels he has no choice but to apologize to his receivers for missed passes and opportunities, but that is where we are at this week with the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins. After a display of passing ability so horrendous that wideout Adam Thielen had to grit his teeth and not explode with frustration during media availability, Cousins reached out on Tuesday to say he was… sorry he sucked so badly? Not sure how he would phrase that, but also not sure what the Vikings need to do to address their quarterback woes. Stephen A. Smith has an idea, though. 

“I’d get rid of Kirk Cousins. Gotta get rid of Kirk Cousins. I have never seen a situation where a quarterback is called out by not one but two receivers in one week,” Smith said. “That’s essentially what you’ve had happen with  Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.” Smith went on to point out that despite an okay completion percentage, Cousins’ over and under throws have been egregious and a sign that he is simply not talented enough to be starting in this league.

What is remarkable about the Redskins is they aren’t 0-4, they’re 2-2 despite Cousins and his awful play. And in a vacuum, its easy to say you need to dump Cousins, but you need to have a better alternative at the ready as well. 


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