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Stephen A. Smith Doubts Colin Kaepernick Wants To Play In The NFL

Stephen A. Smith Doubts Colin Kaepernick Wants To Play In The NFL | Sports Takes & News |

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played an NFL game since 2016. The toll that the NFL takes on your mind and body is insurmountable. Is that worth it when you have other real issues in the world that you have to tackle? In the end, I don’t believe Colin Kaepernick wants to be remembered as an NFL quarterback. He wants to be remembered as a symbol of change. I do agree with Stephen A. Smith here, I don’t believe Colin Kaepernick actually wants to play. 

When invited back to a workout to showcase his skills over a year ago, he skipped it. That is telling. Since that time he says he has been keeping up his workout regimen, but at what cost? The majority of the NFL doesn’t believe that he is even a viable starter in the NFL. Do you think he wants to come back to the NFL just to be a backup? There are a number of things that point to Kaepernick not actually wanting to come back even though he says he is determined to. If I were him I would want to come back just to continue the journey he started 3 and a half years ago.

Over the course of the last couple years, Kaepernick has taken his platform of social change farther than just kneeling during the Anthem.  He has done more than what happens inside the lines of the football field. He has worked with Nike to create commercials that are for social change. He will have a show where he interviews athletes about social change.

Lastly, we have learned that he has struck a deal with Disney where they are going to create a production about the life of Colin Kaepernick. He has a lot going for him off the field. Do I believe he needs to create an allusion to make people think he wants to come back? Yes, but I don’t think he actually wants to come back. He can do so much more for the movement he has basically started off the field than he ever could on it. His voice would be heard much more doing these things than what he would do playing football. Because of this, I would say that he doesn’t actually want to come back to play football. It would slow the cause down if he did. 


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Stephen A. Smith Doubts Colin Kaepernick Wants To Play In The NFL |

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