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Dak Prescott is an average NFL quarterback at best, which is amazing because he clearly watches no game tape. I assume this because, if he did in fact watch Cowboys game tapes, he would have accepted the Cowboys offer of $30 million per year and then turned himself into the police for robbery. A payday like that for the level of production he has offered is generous, and it was either silly or selfish of Prescott to turn it down. Stephen A. Smith of First Take agreed that, on it’s face, the sum seemed more than fair.

“In terms of thirty million in annual salary, if you are Dak Prescott, that should certainly be enough for you,” Smith said, noting that the problem may relate more to guaranteed money than the number itself. “Dak Prescott ain’t worth more than thirty million, he’s definitely worth twenty five million.”​

I’ll agree with Smith that Prescott may be pressing for more guaranteed dollars, but if not and if his qualm is with only being paid thirty million dollars a year to hand the ball of to Ezekiel Elliot, he needs to take a hard look in the mirror. 


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