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Stephen A. Smith Believes The Rockets Have Enough To Win A Championship Yet Remains On The Fence

James Harden and Russell Westbrook are right behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, among the most formidable duos in the National Basketball Association right now. Between the incomparable scoring ability of Harden and the fierce, both ends of the court dog that Russ provides, the two have had success so far this season. The Houston Rockets, to which Westbrook was traded this past offseason to reunite the pair after their time together in OKC, are 34-20 and in position to land in the postseason in the Western Conference. But does the Houston Rockets have enough besides their Big Two to make some noise once they get into the dance, and possibly win a championship?

“I don’t have them winning the championship, but I don’t believe you look at this roster in terms of they made a decision, we going small ball… it comes down to this, James Harden and Russell Westbrook,” Stephen A. Smith said on First Take. “If they play like the superstars they are, who’s gonna beat them?”

“They have enough in the sense that when you look at each piece, they have the guys who do the job you want them to do the way the team is constructed to let you win a championship,” Max Kellerman, his cohost, retorted. “They have enough pieces, and they’re talented enough that you can’t rule them out, but they’re not the odds on favorite.”

These were only technically answers, as both said they had the pieces to win a title but wouldn’t do it. If you don’t think the Rockets are going to win how can you argue that they have the pieces to win a championship? 


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Stephen A. Smith Believes The Rockets Have Enough To Win A Championship Yet Remains On The Fence |

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