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Stephen A Smith Believes The Clippers Are Unraveling

Stephen A Smith Believes The Clippers Are Unraveling | Sports Takes & News |

The Clippers are in a bit of a disturbing pattern. Before upending the Grizzlies last night they had lost three straight, dropping games to the respectable Sixers and Celtics before blowing a game against the abysmal Sacramento Kings. The squad has dipped below the Denver Nuggets in the standings but are still a solid third place in the Western Conference, but their play of late has been seen by some as alarming. Could this recent downturn be just the start of things going south in LA? Stephen A. Smith believes so, saying that he believes the Clippers are unraveling before our eyes.

“When you look at their roster, they have an elite roster. When you look at their head coach, they have an elite head coach. You know you have an elite superstar in Kawhi Leonard, there is no doubt about that,” Smith said, claiming that the team’s struggles are related to a lack of chemistry. “I don’t know if it’s load management or just guys missing games, you’re not accustomed to playing together and the kinds of mistakes we are seeing is the kind of mistakes you witness when you are not on the court enough together, and that is what is going on right now.”

This is an overreaction, and the lack of chemistry now is simply a byproduct of a team built not to get the one seed in the West, but to make a deep run in the playoffs and win a championship. These guys will be together on the court plenty leading up to the playoffs and will generate plenty of chemistry before the postseason dance begins. 


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Stephen A Smith Believes The Clippers Are Unraveling |

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