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Stephen A. Smith: Ban The Astros From The Postseason

Stephen A. Smith: Ban The Astros From The Postseason | Sports Takes & News |

As our understanding of the Houston Astros sign stealing scheme becomes greater, it becomes more and more evident how involved and nefarious this plot was. The organization has, for it’s part, cleaned house on the parts of management that were involved in the debacle while the players have gone unpunished. Additionally, Houston is objecting to claims that it’s World Series title is tainted. Major League Baseball has dropped the ball on levying an appropriate punishment for the team, failing to apply any suspensions to players never mind the lifetime ban others have received for far less offenses. So what would an appropriate punishment be? Stephen A. Smith of First Take believes he may have the answer.

“I wouldn’t mind them being banned from the postseason for this year, as an organization. You’ve gotta send a message that this is some intolerable stuff. They cheated!” Smith ranted. He followed up by stating his belief that the championship the Astros won should be vacated, insisting that an asterisk next to it in the record books is not enough.

The Astros really do deserve the hammer. What they did was premeditated and made a mockery of the game itself. A postseason ban, loss of draft picks, and vacating the title should be the beginning, not the end, for this team. 


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Stephen A. Smith: Ban The Astros From The Postseason |

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